What is About? is the creation of the company directors; Trevor Pumphrey and Paul James, both dedicated motorcyclists, successful engineers and entrepreneurs in their own rights.

The British based company designs and manufactures innovative new products primarily for the road going vehicle industry but with the ability and flexibility to work in many other product areas in the future.

Why Are We Different?

Take our core product – the Audicator audible turn indicator warning system. Derived from a real need, highlighted by motorcyclists, and recognised by authorities as a major reason for driving test failure and a cause of serious danger to road users. The understanding of the risk may not be new, but the method of execution and innovation in this design is something very special – and we are rightly proud of it!.

With our mix of engineering knowledge and resources, we are perfectly placed to research and understand the market requirement, build a detailed technical product specification, then see this through from the early concepts right up to production. As such we openly welcome any new design concept challenges you may wish to put forward and the opportunity to work with others to facilitate the realisation of their ideas.

Our Product

Vehicle Users tend to routinely leave their indicators on unintentionally after performing a turn manoeuvre, exposing themselves to potentially dangerous misinterpretation of their intentions by other road users.
Our innovative British designed and manufactured system uses state-of-the art technology to monitor your turn indicators and provide an audible tone after a user selectable number of indicator flashes. The initial ‘soft’ tone progressively increases in volume until the rider is alerted and cancels the indicator – simple!