"I fitted the 'Audicator to my Morgan +8 the combination of wind noise and a not always efficient cancel mechanism, found it invaluable.! David from England

"I fitted the Audicator to my Morgan Plus 4 and I'm over the moon with it. Difficult to see the dash lights when the hood is down but the Audicator eliminates the problem. Good instructions, easy to fit and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Would recommend to anyone." Pete from England (Donmog Club)


"I purchased this product for use in an open top sports car. Not hearing your indicators as you are motoring along is a problem and potentially dangerous for the cars behind you. Easy to fit and easily heard. There is No chance I will leave my indicators on again. Thank You" Jayne from England, has 3 Morgans and fitted the Audicator to her 2004 +8

"We've using the Audicator not for bikes but for our vintage cars and the Super Seven, we're specialized in. The Audicator-team is always very helpful with any kind of support and offer the best solution to any problem. Business with them is a real pleasure!" Ralf from Germany who also does Caterhams.


"I’ve mounted this clever and thought-through device in my Caterham. Now I really hear when my indicator is left on. The configuration is fairly easy and flexible enough to adapt to my needs. Thanks for helping me solve this!" Daniel Switzerland, another Caterham owner.

"I have been on 2 wheels all my life and know only to well no matter how good a rider we have all left our indicators on at some point. To a motorcyclist this could be fatal! The Audicator gives you the ability to programme easily the parameters to your requirement but I found the default settings fine. The device is easy to fit and well made Thanks for a great product" Tony from England.